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Two years...

Today is a pretty awesome day!   Two years ago, on August 7th, 2012, Elijah David came home for the first time!  And boy what a mess I was! :)

Last year on Eli's Gotcha Day, I wrote an entry with 12 awesome pictures of Eli displaying his transformation from Day 1 to Day 365!  So this year I'll do the same.  However, before I let you see the pictures, let me just tell you about my beautiful, precious son. He melts my heart.

Elijah is Energetic.  Never does he skip a beat. Whether he's been swimming all day, playing at the park, or running errands with me, he always seems to have energy!  He's especially energetic when he is able to have sugar. One time we were celebrating a birthday party and he had ice cream at 8 pm. Ohhh man, he was running in circles around the kitchen screaming and laughing. Boy oh boy.

Elijah is Light.  Not only is he light hearted in his demeanor, but he's a bright bright light to others.  So many people stop and just look at him.  He catches your eye.  He's a LIGHT in the darkness.

Elijah is Intelligent. When Eli came home, he knew only his native tongue. He and I would struggle just to comprehend each other.  But in 2 short years, my sweet boy has become fluent in English! He is eager to learn, always in wonder, always in question, and picks things up so easily.  He's a smart smart boy. (He would tell you he's big, strong, and smart because he eats his vegetables--thank you Gammy for drilling that into his mind!)

Elijah is Just like any other almost 6 year old boy.  He loves to eat--boy does he love to eat.  He loves to make noises all the time, and will play the Avengers until the sun goes down.  He dresses up in Captain America and Iron Man costumes, cries when he bleeds, laughs when someone makes a "poot" sound, and just sees the world with all possibilities.

Elijah is Anointed. That boy has the power to heal, the gift of prophecy, and an unshakable faith. He is chosen. Chosen for things I can't even wrap my mind around. Jesus chose my son. Jesus is his daddy, and he leads and guides his little boy.  It's unbelievably beautiful when he lays hands on you and you are healed. Amen. Amen. Jesus pour your power on my son. Anoint him to the fullest capacity.

Elijah is Hilarious.  This sweet boy will make the most hilarious faces. He'll belly laugh at his own jokes. He makes me laugh when he dances without fear. He will act out a movie with his toys as it plays. He will tickle me when I'm not prepared.  He's just the best.

My boy may exhaust me at times. He may frustrate me at times. He may push every button he can push.  He may try to sneak in candy at times. He may get that mischievous smile at times. He may whine and moan and groan when he doesn't get his way.


This boy melts my heart. He is so perfectly paired with me.  He is the only thing that holds me together sometimes.  He literally can smile at me with the most genuine smile and I am moved to the heart of Jesus.  He means what he says.  He makes me desire be a better mother.  He tells me I'm beautiful all the time.  He loves me.  He blesses our family with his humor and his love.

He may not be perfect in behavior, but he is the perfect fit in our little family.

My sugar babe.

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I fall more and more in love this boy every day.  

My sugar babe, HAPPY 2 YEARS!!!

"Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day of the LORD comes. And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers" 
Malachi 4:5-6


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