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Has it been 5 months already???

Ok so I totally had full intention of updating the blog throughout the last 5 months buuuuut lots happened--life happened, work happened, being a single mom continued to happen, but the blog just didn't happen :).  Sooo I'd love to recap the last few months for you! :)

After Eli's 1 year Gotcha Day, we moved our new life to Euless, Texas where we began our very first home together as the Malnar family!  It was so excited to move to the DFW area and start focusing on the future! :)

Literally, the day after we moved everything up here, I went on my "New Teacher Orientation". Yep... the next day. Boy was I exhausted!!  Good thing my mom was here to do all the unpacking ;).

Eli went on his first day of Kindergarten in America and it was awesome!! He had so much fun and instantly made friends!! I mean, of course he did...he's such a charmer.

In September, we basically just survived... and by survived I literally mean we barely survived!! The transition to work and…