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Man Does Not Live On Bread Alone

Theme Verse for February:
"Man does not live by bread along, but man lives by ever word that comes from the mouth of the Lord." Duet. 8:3
Oh man. So much has happened in February. And since it's been almost an entire month since I've blogged, I have quite a bit to share. Summary? The Lord is GOOD. I have seen His hand in so many events in my life, it's been unreal. He has swooped in time and time again, and it's beautiful and completely humbling.
I hope as you read my journal entries, you are moved and shaken by the Lord's presence. I pray that God would open your eyes, and expose himself to you in a new and challenging way. Rest in him my dear friends. He is our comfort, he is our strength, he is our refuge. He is Lord, and our Lord is beautiful.
February 12th Today has been an amazing day. My roommates and I woke up, went to church, was filled with the Spirit, went to the market, and came home to clean and set up more furniture in the house. Our hou…

Breaking this Flesh

I started praying 2 days ago that the Lord would start breaking my flesh. My prayer continues even today to be:
"I want to unlearn this world.....Jesus, humble my heart, break my flesh, and restore me to be more of a reflection of you."
What a beautiful vision of a servant--to disregard the flesh on his or her body in order to glorify the Lord more and more. Too bad I'm soaked in the sin of this world. I'm not saying we sinners can't be someone who disregards the things of this world and strive for the things that glorify the Lord, but I am saying that it's not an easy task. I can't say that I've seen the answer of this prayer yet, but I know that each day that passes, more of my flesh is getting destroyed as my eyes are fixed on Jesus.
Today I had the privilege of visiting all of the schools that we currently have up and operating. It was amazing. Although the facilities aren't complete, the Spirit of the Lord is present. He is driving this w…