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We the Redeemed

School starts on Monday and boy are we excited! The third term is full of good stuff, but so quick! Zambia's national exams (for grades 7, 9, and 12) begin in October and the kids will be finished for the year in early December! We also have Independence Day and the national elections for the next Zambian president! Be praying for this country and the leadership!

To prepare for the upcoming term, we held a workshop for our current teachers (23 right now) and it was a success! We shared our vision for the next term and some strategies and advice. The teachers were excited and had such a teachable spirit! I love when we have workshops because I'm able to teach and work with them one-on-one. A classroom environment is always present and it's so neat to see them enjoying it. Kathryn--who joined me on this side to work on education--led the discussions and sessions which was so great! It was awesome to see her with the teachers laughing, giving advice, and pouring her …