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Tonight, I'm still.  My sweet boy is in bed, gently sleeping. My house is quite. Worship music is in my ears. And I weep before my Savior. I weep.

I weep and weep and weep.

How gentle he is tonight. How calm my spirit is at this moment. When I breathe, I feel his embrace. I feel his comfort in my moments of isolation.  I feel his security in my moments of fear.  I feel his protection in my moments of worry.  I feel his faithfulness in the moments I'm overtaken by the unknown.

Yes. Right now, my YES is to him and it speaks loudly.


Ocean: thevastbodyofsaltwaterthatcoversalmostthreefourthsof theearth'ssurface.

The song I'm listening to is called Oceans, by Hillsong. Wow. It puts me on my face worshiping my Savior.  When I think about the ocean, the first word that comes to mind is "the unknown". To be honest, I'm actually afraid of the ocean... Yep, I said it. Afraid of the ocea…