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Step Out. Change a Life.

A sweet story about a girl named Mercy by one of my dearest friends, Jenny Davis. PLEASE read... Can YOU help this sweet girl?
Let me tell you about a very special girl who in 2008 was set for a path of hurt, pain, destruction, and death, but is now transformed into a joyful, brilliant young woman who will change her nation. Meet Mercy Tembo, the amazing young woman I sponsor in Zambia. I want to ask YOU to be a part in helping her become the woman she was intended to be. Join me in helping her finish school and lead a safe, happy life in Lusaka.

When I met Mercy in July 2008, she was a sweet, outgoing 14-year-old girl with a gorgeous smile and crazy braids in her hair. Mercy was able to speak better English than most of the other children, and constantly helped me to communicate with the other girls. Mercy was always singing, laughing, and making jokes, so it was surprising when we sat down for our one-on-one time and she wept for almost an hour! The entire time I rocked her in my …

The chance at an amazing life!

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about a sweet little girl named Onesta. I talked about how she would have the chance at a better life. I wrote about how she would live in a nice home with loving parents who would encourage her to attend school and trust in the Lord to provide all she needs. I believed the Lord would provide the financial support for this sweet girl and her brother, and the Lord did. He provided in a way where I least expected, which always encourages me because HE is in control. People I didn't even know personally gave with a generous heart for these sweet kids.

Now I'm writing with another child heavy on my heart. And again, I believe the Lord will provide for this child. Her name is Lillian Banda. She is 14 years old and was rescued off the streets at the beginning of this year. In my previous blog about Lillian, I talked about how she lived in a two roomed house and slept on the floor with a blanket. She is a double orphan and previously lived with h…