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Happy World Teacher's Day

Today is World Teacher's Day. A holiday for teachers celebrated with extreme excitement here in Zambia.  I remember last year when this day came.  I was working in the container to organize and compile all of our donated items left from camp.  My coworker, Kathryn, and I were knee deep in school supplies when we decided to take a breath.  (It's summer in Zambia this time of the year, so being outside caused a LOT of weakness!)
I got a call from my boss who said, "Meg, there are hundreds of teachers marching down the street. You should go see them!"  It took about 2 seconds for Kathryn and I to jump up and rush to our car.  We drove straight to Showgrounds where they were marching, but only got the tail end.  There were a few clusters of teachers marching together with matching t-shirts on.  They were laughing and happily displaying their pride for being a teacher.  It excited us.  Just as we were making our way back home,we both received a text from one of our teach…