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a conflict carriedonbyforceofarms,asbetweennationsorbetweenpartieswithinanation;warfare,asbyland,sea,orair.


If 10 different people were asked the meaning of the word "war", I guarantee pieces of their answers would be exactly the same, but their own personal thoughts and experiences would be different. For instance, if I walked up to a WW2 or Vietnam Veteran, their experiences would definitely differ from a firefighter, or a teacher, or someone living on the streets. But war is war. It's a battle. It's two or more sides of opposition. It's negative energy. It's the work of enemies.

There is war happening in every country, on every continent, in every city, in every household, in every person every day. Seen and unseen war. Battles between a married couple or siblings. Battles with major companies in competition. Internal battles with addiction or insecurity or inadequacy. Negative energy is spread …