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To love Jesus

What does that actually look like?

It's not about you.  It's not about me.  It's not about going to church.  It's not about listening to worship songs in your car, on the radio, at work, and during your time with Jesus. It's not about going to bible studies. It's not about laboring for the Lord in your workplace.  It's not even about full-time ministry.

It's about love.

Sure you can do all those things and love him.  Sure you can be in ministry, you can incorporate him into your workplace, you can listen to worship songs....BUT are these just things that you DO?

Or can you stand back and actually say that with every FIBER of my being I compose a LOVE song for him.

I'm convicted this morning, because I can't.  I can't say that with every piece of who I am, I DEEPLY DEEPLY am in LOVE with Jesus.  I can't say that I am SO in love with him that I can't stand the world.  I can't say that I am SO in love with him that I HAVE to say s…