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Our 1st year GOTCHA DAY!! :)

1 year ago today, my entire life completely changed.

I remember around 8:30p.m. before I slept my last night by myself, running frantically around my bedroom "baby-proofing" it.  Many things were placed out of reach of little fingers.

I remember getting ready, eating breakfast, and getting in the car all in a daze of excitement, wonder, and joy.  As I turned on the street and saw the gate, a wave of nervousness swept over me.

What if I'm not a good mom? What if I can't really do this? Am I sure this is the right step of obedience?

Then the gate opened.  I turned the corner of the building and saw my sweet boy.  He was riding on a bike on the other side of the yard.  He saw me and dropped the bike in an instant.  He started running.  He dove into my arms and just squeezed.

Then I whispered:

"Today is the day.  You are coming home"

We signed the papers and said goodbyes.  I remember walking out of the orphanage thinking that this exact moment was SO surrea…