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A little vacation..

For Easter holiday, a friend and I traveled down to Cape Town for a couple of days. To say the least, it was breathtakingly beautiful--an amazing image of God's creation. To give you a quick synopsis, Claire and I came up with a theme phrase for each day. Of course, many of you know me so the "brief synopsis" the titles provide will be followed by a paragraph explaining the adventure... just being honest :).

Day 1: "Holy crap, we just won the lottery"
In Cape Town there is a place called, "V&A Waterfront." It is the central hub for restaurants, boats, tourists, locals, and seals. It sits at the harbor with an amazing view of Table Mountain and the ocean. It also has a very big mall, Haagen Dazs ice cream, Thai and Sushi, a huge Ferris Wheel, and free fast internet. Claire and I felt we had won the lottery because it was a little slice of America in the middle of Africa.

Day 2: "Hello my name is Cape Town"
Although our plan A and B fel…