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Miraculous Provision

I love the Lord. I love how He answers prayers no matter how big or small they may be. Since I returned to Zambia in December, I've been praying to encounter Him in a more fierce, direct, and miraculous way. And boy has he delivered. In the midst of complete pain, my God answered my prayers.
I have this friend. I've known him for going on 3 years now. He is so dear to me and has been for a while. He's one of those people who you always talk to when you need a laugh, but somehow can flip the switch and listen intently to your story of a hard day. Well, I thought for sure that when I moved to Africa we would most likely lose communication, but we didn't. When I came home in December, I was able to meet with him and his future wife--such a special time for me. I had hoped to see them again, but unfortunately had to settle for a simple text goodbye from the airport.
Time flies when you are working so hard. It was the middle of February before I could even take a …