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When God says, "Enough is Enough"

Last week, God allowed me to be a part of an amazing rescue. A rescue He ordained for two of His beautiful children: Onesta and George. This summer, my mom had a group of 10 very sweet and very young girls. From age 6 to age 11. They were so precious and FULL of energy. I remember watching them greet her one day when they got off the bus. They sprinted 20 yards to tackle her on the field at camp. They welcomed me as if I was their big sister. I just remember their gorgeous smiles every time I look at them.

Mom was a perfect fit for these sweet girls. She has her own granddaughter who is FULL of energy, so she easily fell in line with them. Throughout the week, mom was able to counselor them, play with them, listen to their stories, and love them unconditionally.

On Monday, when the girls arrived, Onesta was among their beautiful smiles. I can't wait for you to see her smile. Her nose wrinkles and her eyes squint. Seriously, SO cute. When Tuesday came, all except Onesta …