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Moving to Africa

Well, I wrote up this great informational blog last night, and wouldn't you know... not only did it not post, but it didn't even save. Sooo heres a recap:

Yesterday I landed safe and sound with the Hugheys around 7. The airport wait was cramped, hot, humid, and looong, but we made it. First you have to go through immigration, which took about 40 minutes, then we got all of our bags, another 15 minutes, then we waited for customs to check everything we were carrying into Zambia, another 25 minutes. The Zambians shooed me along, but the Hugheys got stuck at baggage check. Unfortunately, with the 6 of them, they had too many bags to carry in. After about thirty more minutes, Erin (the mom) walked out of the airport with some unfortunate news. Every one of their trunks had to stay at the airport where they were opened, searched, and each item counted...for every single one. (we're talking about twenty to twenty five boxes... crazy. But, our amazing Zambian senior staff stayed …

The Things I Do at Work

Today we had a storage day party... party is a bit of an exaggeration, but it was quite the event. See, in May of this year about ten schools donated hundreds of books to our ministry. And now I get to sort through them all! But it's good, because these little orphan and vulnerable babies have seen nothing like this before. I can't wait to see their faces when they get reading books, and math manipulatives, and posters for their walls... it's going to be a glorious day. I kept telling myself, when my back was aching from bending over and sorting through boxes, that this is all for the orphans. :)

Also, I realized today that I officially have 8 more days in the Dallas area... yep. I move out of Dallas in 8 days. It's coming soooo fast. It'll be weird driving out of Dallas knowing I won't be back for a year (well except for March for Jenny's wedding), but it's a weird feeling. And the days keep creeping up on me. I'm getting more and more overwhelmed a…