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The real Africa... a simple life

Lusaka is the capital city in Zambia. There are cars, buses, round-abouts, restaurants, one movie theater, a few coffee shops, stores, supermarkets, etc. It's a city. In the midst of the hubbub of city life, there are compounds where orphans live. They may only see the city life a few times a year if they are lucky. Notice I said, "see" not "experience". They see the buses, the cars, the shops or the market place, but they never get to experience a sit down restaurant, or a movie at the theater, or shopping for groceries. They live on what their guardian can provide for them and most of the time it isn't something the city offers. This is the city of Lusaka. Where the wealthy drive in nice cars and live in nice homes, and where the less fortunate walk for miles and live in the gutters.

But this is one city. Not one of many. Most of Zambia is the "real Africa." What people in American call "The Bush" and people in Zambia call …


About two weeks ago, I was able to go up to the hilltop where the Legacy Center will be this coming summer. We have a water tower on the top and I climbed it to see the view. To say the least, it was breathtaking. The trees are full of life and you can see miles and miles of land.

I started thinking about the possibilities and exciting things the Lord is planning for the orphans this summer. The word beauty kept playing over and over in my mind. To me, that land is breathtakingly beautiful. It shows the perfect hand of God and I can picture him creating all of creation with a smile on His face because He knows the amount of people that will stand on each hill and be in awe of what they see. Of course, I've been to the Grand Canyon, Colorado, the Swiss Alps, and seen a number of beautiful pictures of creation....
The orphans have seen slums. They've seen drunkards abusing them or their friends, the mud and dirt of the compounds, the unroofed and broken homes and a number…