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Do Not Move

The devil wants me to be shaken.  The devil wants my faith to falter. He wants my trust in you to be broken.  He wants me to move.  He wants me to budge.  He wants me to step away from your will.  He wants to shake me up. But I DON'T WANT TO MOVE.  I will not.  I refuse to be shaken.  I refuse to be moved by him.  The one who ravages this world with evil, hatred, greed, entitlement, abuse, sickness, destruction is the SAME ONE who HAS to bow before you because of YOUR name.  King Jesus, I will not move.  I will not be shaken.

I am a sinner, redeemed and set free, who reflects your LOVE, your POWER, and your RIGHTEOUS ANGER for the orphan.

However, wherever, you want me to fulfill my call, I'll do it.  My life is yours.  I belong to you.  Your sacrifice set ME free, so my life will be a sacrifice for you.  It doesn't make sense to other people, but it's not supposed to. I am foreign in this land.  I am living in a world that I can't call home.  A place surrounded by …