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Vacation Blessings

A couple months ago I was approached by a married couple with incredible news.  After eating an excellent dinner and enjoying wonderful conversation, the husband calmly began to ask about my summer plans.  I went through a couple ideas I had put in place and basically said the rest was up for grabs.  I know this man well, and he doesn't ask multiple questions without purpose.  Once he set back in his chair thinking, I said, "Ok, I'm guessing you have something you want to say about my summer plans, because you wouldn't be asking multiple questions unless you have an idea."  To my complete and utter shock, this man nonchalantly asked, "So.... what if I knew a guy who wanted to send you and Eli to Disneyland?  How would you feel about that?"

Yes. My mouth dropped open and I froze for a few seconds.

"DISNEYLAND???.... Like California DISNEYLAND?? Well..... that... would be... amazing, "was my reply.  He then began to spill out this amazing bless…

We will cry out, Hallelujah.

So Jesus is just here tonight. In my house. In my heart. He's just here. And he's just so still. I recently found this song on my iTunes that I didn't realize I had. What a find it was. Sons and Daughters: Poor and Powerless.  There is something about soft, still worship music that rocks me to the core. My spirit yearns for Jesus as my husband, my comforter, right now...

School ends tomorrow. And the last couple of days have probably been the hardest I have had since I landed in July last year.  When things get sticky or somewhat uncomfortable for me in life, I usually run to any distraction. Laying out with friends, out to dinner, movies, books, it. I know that Jesus is the only satisfaction in ANY time--uncomfortable or not--but sometimes I don't really want to face the situation.  I want a distraction. Tonight, however, my heart just yearns for him. I want to be victorious.  I want to feel of worth. I want to be strong.  And, He is the only constant one…