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Vacation Blessings

A couple months ago I was approached by a married couple with incredible news.  After eating an excellent dinner and enjoying wonderful conversation, the husband calmly began to ask about my summer plans.  I went through a couple ideas I had put in place and basically said the rest was up for grabs.  I know this man well, and he doesn't ask multiple questions without purpose.  Once he set back in his chair thinking, I said, "Ok, I'm guessing you have something you want to say about my summer plans, because you wouldn't be asking multiple questions unless you have an idea."  To my complete and utter shock, this man nonchalantly asked, "So.... what if I knew a guy who wanted to send you and Eli to Disneyland?  How would you feel about that?"

Yes. My mouth dropped open and I froze for a few seconds.

"DISNEYLAND???.... Like California DISNEYLAND?? Well..... that... would be... amazing, "was my reply.  He then began to spill out this amazing blessing that this man wanted to bless us with.  A vacation. A full out vacation for our little family.  I couldn't believe it.  I finally replied, "Well, wow, yes, I mean YES of COURSE we would love to go!!"  He quickly bounced back, "Well...I know a guy who wants to send you both to Disneyland.  You pick the dates and we'll handle travel, hotel, everything.  The park tickets are in my truck."

Wow.  Yes, Jesus just used this INCREDIBLE family to give us a vacation.  Glory. Beauty. Awe.

A few months later, on June 6th, Eli and I began to pack for our vacation.  He knew we were going somewhere, but didn't know where.  It was a "surprise". :)  We board the plane giddy for an adventure. Fly west and land in LAX a few hours later.  My sis and her daughter decided to book a trip out there at the same time so that we could experience something new together!  We took a few days to travel around the city, visit Universal Studies, and finally ended at our hotel room right across the street from Disneyland.  I was THRILLED.  Once Eli knew where we were going, he bounced and bounced and bounced on the bed with excitement.  We rattled off all the Disney characters we were going to see over the next 2 days.  He was squealing with joy.

We rode rides, shook hands and took pictures with characters, walked a lot, enjoyed some good food, and crashed the latest we possibly could on the last night (midnight).  We experienced every piece of that place and enjoyed all of it.  Some of my favorite things Eli kept saying were "MOMMA... IS THIS FOR REAL????"  and "MOMMA I SAW PETER PAN, and and and CAPTAIN HOOK and and and SHMEEEEEEE"  and "MOMMA LOOK... THERE'S MICKEY and GOOFY!!!" I LOVED riding rides next to him. He's never ridden on roller coasters before so it was quite the experience!  He laughed SO much. My niece was such a joy for him as well. They played and rode rides together too.

At the end of the vacation, we boarded the plane to head back home.  It was a long day of travel. I just kept thinking, wow. Wow. Did we really just get to do that together? Did that really just happen?

And all because of one family, who have the most generous of hearts.

See, our Heavenly Father sees what we need WAY before we ever need it.  He KNEW how much we would need that vacation at the end of this school year. He KNEW that we could not afford it, YET he provided. The cool thing is that he used so many people to complete this process.  I'm just reminded tonight, on this Father's Day, that God the Father is just the best daddy anyone can ask for. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He is the provider. And NOTHING is too big for him.

Happy Daddy's Day to my Heavenly Father.

Ready for Takeoff!!

Finally made it!! In the car with my niece Kyla and my sis Jen

Santa Monica Pier, awesome and packed!

Much exhaustion after a long day.


Yummy Farmer's Market

First roller coaster experience!! He hit me in the face a couple times :)

Much calmer, It's a Small World boat ride.

One-on-one with THOR!

Coolest hats ever.

Waving at characters in the parade.

Splash Mountain!! Gonna get WET!

Face painting on a hot day :)

10:45 p.m. and still riding rides!! No.Big.Deal


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