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Value His Voice

I'm learning a ton about the Lord right now--about His character, His word, and His people. My church is going through a series called frequency: how can we tune in to God? It's amazing how much I've learned about myself during this series. In order to hear the Lord, I have to weed out all the distractions in my life--my thoughts, my worldly desires, and my feelings. I have also learned how important it is to truly care and take value to the voice of the Lord. When He speaks, it's truth, it's safety, and it's direction that you can trust. I figure the Lord isn't just teaching me this for no reason, considering that I found out I will be leaving for ten months in December to live in Zambia. many feelings and thoughts run through me daily. The Lord cares enough about me to teach me the value of hearing and listening for HIS voice, instead of my opinions or Satan's whispered lies. All this at the exact time when I'll be making decision…