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We will cry out, Hallelujah.

So Jesus is just here tonight. In my house. In my heart. He's just here. And he's just so still. I recently found this song on my iTunes that I didn't realize I had. What a find it was. Sons and Daughters: Poor and Powerless.  There is something about soft, still worship music that rocks me to the core. My spirit yearns for Jesus as my husband, my comforter, right now...

School ends tomorrow. And the last couple of days have probably been the hardest I have had since I landed in July last year.  When things get sticky or somewhat uncomfortable for me in life, I usually run to any distraction. Laying out with friends, out to dinner, movies, books, it. I know that Jesus is the only satisfaction in ANY time--uncomfortable or not--but sometimes I don't really want to face the situation.  I want a distraction. Tonight, however, my heart just yearns for him. I want to be victorious.  I want to feel of worth. I want to be strong.  And, He is the only constant one. He is the only one who is just always here.

Camp LIFE started this week in Zambia. And my heart is just so yearning to be in that place. To listen to the roar of children's voices praising Jesus' Holy Name. To watch the American's just pour out unconditional love to all 10 of their children. To stand beside the staff believing for miracles. To pray with volunteers who are just worn down physically but on fire spiritually.  How I just miss that place. I miss those kids, volunteers, and staff members. My heart is just rejoicing with them in this moment--as they are able to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

So far away. So distanced from the face to face. Still believing in the miracles.

A few nuggets floating in my mind tonight as I rest at Jesus' feet:

How unworthy I feel to walk in the shoes Jesus has placed me in; yet, I am the ONLY one he has chosen to walk down this specific path.
I am made for the nations.
I am set apart.
Eli is set apart.
My words, not matter how much doubt I have, are FULL of power.
Believing in the impossible is what I'm made to do.

Isn't it amazing that our King will take us the way we are. Broken, hurting, sinful, angry, frustrated, unforgiving...

He takes us the way we are. And he molds.

Poor and Powerless:

All the poor and powerless
And all the lost and lonely
All the thieves will come confess
And know that You are holy
And know that You are holy

And all will sing out
And we will cry out
All the hearts who are content
And all who feel unworthy
And all who hurt with nothing left
Will know that You are holy

And all will sing out
And we will cry out

Shout it
Go on and scream it from the mountains
Go on and tell it to the masses
That He is God
We will sing out
And we will cry out

Jesus mold me... refine me tonight.


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