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Joy Will Come

Joy will come in the morning
Riding on the wings of the dawn
I know
Joy will come in the mourning
Surely as You are God.

Joy will come, believe
Joy will come, Joy will come

Joy will come, believe
Joy will come, Joy will come

Joy will come like the harvest
Reaping for tears that we sow
I know
Joy will run to the farthest place
Surely as You are God

Joy will come, believe
Joy will come, Joy will come

Joy will come, believe
Joy will come, Joy will come

What is this hope I feel
It's helping
What is this peace beyond
You fix the broken heart
There's healing in Your wings

Joy will come, believe
Joy will come, Joy will come

What is this whisper small
I'm hearing
So far above it all
It's speaking
Your still the sovereign Lord
There's healing in your wings.

This quick trip has showed me the hearts of the Zambians. They work so hard to get things done for these children. Not only is joy coming to the children, but I see the faces of the Zambian staff and know that joy is coming to them as well.  The LORD is storing up so much in Heaven for their arrival. They battle the devil face to face every day, but never give up. Powerfully encouraging.

Joy will come :)


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